Thursday, 4 August 2011

...And those bedrooms!

Terrace de la Maison
The spirit of LES AVISES is like that of a country house of a friend with very good taste - informal, convivial, free of pretentiousness. But the bedrooms and suites are something else. Tho'  sharing the elegance of downstairs, they are unashamedly opulent and luxurious, exceptional places to rest your head for those rare moments to share with a loved one.

Enlisting the skills of interior designer Bruno Boriani, Corinne Selosse has brilliantly succeeded in creating a series of ten rooms that span the light and shade of  differing styles  to satisfy most tastes. Some have lush fabrics, traditional furnishing lifted by bright mediterranean colours; others are audaciously contemporary, uncluttered, even minimalist, but always warm and supremely comfortable, often with lovely views of the Cote. The attention to detail is impressive from luxurious towelling and bathrobes, to powerful showers and hand-adjustable short-wave/FM radios that bring you Mahler or Miles Davis, say, in perfect sound. The rooms' names charmingly say 'good health' in every language of Champagne lovers around the world ....salaud, prosit, skol, salute, kampai, tchin. 
La Cote from a bedroom

From 230 euros for two.

Hotel-Restaurant LES AVISES, 59 rue du Cramant 51190 Avize
telephone +33 (0)3 26 57 70 06

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